Reviewed by Lori Lockrey

"China Cottage serves up excellent fare in Scarborough Off the eaten track !"

 Last week, I had the opportunity to partake in some excellent fare in the heart of Chinatown in Toronto. At our table, a comment was made that Scarborough had some pretty great Chinese restaurants as well. To that end, a visit to China Cottage did not disappoint and was every bit as pleasant experience as my downtown affair. I visited the Cottage with my eldest son and the waiter was shocked at the amount of dishes we ordered for two. He didn’t understand that a takeout container found in the fridge in the middle of the night is the equivalent of heaven for my two boys. So we disregarded his well-intended advice and ordered a heap of dishes. China Cottage has a great Thai menu, and also cooks Indian and Pakistani dishes. We decided to keep to the Chinese specialties this go around.

The spicy fried rice is a must order, golden with bits of chicken and vegetables with just a touch of spice around the edges. My son wanted to try the sweet and sour chicken, which I normally find too sweet. Not so at the Cottage. It was perfectly balanced and leaned to the tangy side. It was a delicious rendition to this classic dish. Kung Pao chicken (sauced with soy, sesame and chilli paste) was just as good. We tried the orange beef which was crisply fried before being combined with carrot and bamboo shreds and glazed with an orange sauce. It was really good, but a bit rich overall. Steamed rice was delivered for good measure free of charge. I am a big fan of Federicks further west on Ellesmere, but I found China Cottage as good, if not better. I do prefer the dining room here. It’s small, but pleasant, in red and gold hues with bamboo wall accented with fans. I will definitely be going back to sample the Thai food. If it’s as good as the Chinese far, China Cottage is going to become a regular haunt. And yes, all the leftovers somehow mysteriously vanished by the next morning.

Mar 2014
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"Best Hakka food ever!"

You must try the pakoras! Our family loves this restaurant and we live nearby so we eat here often. It's a great meal with great value. Staff are attentive and kind. We will definitely be back! Awesome!

Jan 2014
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"Best Hakka-style Comfort Food!"

Absolutely the best Hakka food. Quality, price, and service is just superb.

Sept 2013
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"Delicious halal food. Good service!!"

The Hakka fish is so good, I wanted to weep with joy! Great value! Generous portion sizes! A favourite place to go back to again and again.

April 2013
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"Best Halal Hakka restaurant in GTA"

There are quite a few other Hakka options in the area, but this one beats all of them hands down. The Thai menu gives this restaurant an edge with greater variety. The mango chicken is very tasty and crunchy. Food portions are decent size. Will certainly go back.

Mar 2013
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"Best Hakka food ever!"

I am a China Cottage addict, and I am not afraid to admit this. I have been going to this restaurant for lunch and/or dinner for more than 15 years. Their Chili Chicken is to die for. Hot (temperature) and spicy hot...the Chili Chicken is crispy, saucy, and it is consistently great. I have never had a bad meal from China Cottage. Their house rice is awesome, and the Hot and Sour soup is probably the best I have ever had. Service is great, and they "get to know you" if you go there often. Did I mention the price? Very reasonable pricing. They are open quite late as well. We have gone in for dinner at 9:30 at night (and it has been busy). I understand a few years ago that they opened up a second location in Markham (Markham Road and 7 hwy) which I have yet to visit. I literally cannot drive by this restaurant without stopping in. An awesome Chinese Indian Hakka food experience. You must go!!

Jan 2013
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"China Cottage doing it right!"

I rarely find a person that doesn't like hakka cuisine. The problem is that there are so many hakka resto in Toronto and its' suburbs and I find most of them lacking in one area or another. China Cottage changes that. They have great food, huge portions, amazing service and one of the cleanest restaurants I have seen. China Cottage differentiates themselves by showing their customers that they believe in doing it right.